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Entire the dimensions of the area that you wish cover below, the depth and then click the Calculate button.

You'll need X Cubic meters.

Click here for delivery costs.


We do deliverys in our small truck, that will normally fit down standard driveways.
We will try to fit in with you on what day you require a delivery, if you book in advance.
Delivery charges:
Palmerston North City, Ashhurst, Aokautere, Bunnythorpe:
Product needs to be over $80 for a delivery to occur. 
Add on $39  $35 per trip, delivery charge.
Fielding: $49 per trip  (product needs to be over $136)
Pohangina Village: up to the Village or up to #1 Line, nothing past these
                               $65 per trip        (product needs to be over $136)
Any other areas not listed - we are not able to deliver there just now
Our loader has a quarter cubic metre bucket, which is the ideal size for loading small trailers and utes.
Our truck can hold up to
  • 2 cubic metres of aggregrate. 
  • 3 cubic metres of compost
  • 3 cubic metres of bark, mulch.
  • 2 cubic metres of soil, garden mix etc.
only 2 trailers are available, at the moment, for taking home products purchased from us. 'First In, First Served"
The trailers are FREE for 1 1/2 hours; per trip, to take the product home, drop off in a pile, and return ASAP
They can't be taken within 2 hours of closing
they can only be used within a 20 km radius of us.
If car lights can be seen above the trailer, you do not need lights on trailer to work!
You must sweep out trailer before return
Trailers are in high demand.....NO CHARGE TO USE, especially weekends, and since they can't be booked, it is best you bring your own trailer, or a friends, during busy times.
'First In, First Served'
Our large loader has a cubic metre bucket, ideal for loading large trucks.
Macphersons Bulk Bins
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Palmerston North

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